Hagmaier with Ted Bundy


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Tape 2 Index


00:00:00       The Green River Murders

00:15:20       A discussion about scheduling

00:16:33       The Michaud and Aynesworth interviews

00:17:58                   Making money from murder

00:19:05       Knowing Ted Bundy"

00:20:21                   Ann Rule

00:22:32                   Liz and “Marjorie”

00:22:53                   Psychological theories about Bundy

00:25:36                               The proper approach

00:26:06       "Pop psychology"

00:27:43       Bundy myths

00:27:43                   Long center-parted hair

00:27:54                   "The many faces of Ted Bundy"

00:29:08       The "Master of Disguise"

00:29:47                   About Disguise

00:29:59                   Eye-witness identification

00:30:25                   Bundy's first escape

00:30:09                   About being unobtrusive

00:31:28                   Bundy's arrest in Florida

00:31:50       About being on the Ten Most Wanted List

00:32:05                   About being caught

00:33:46                   Organized versus disorganized

00:34:48                   Becoming paranoid

00:36:10       Blank tape

00:46:10       I2/13/1986 interview with “Theodore H Bundy” 10:55 AM

00:46:29       Lawyers nervous about Ted talking with NYT

00:47:10       Back to Green River

00:47:19                   Letters to Keppel

00:48:00                   Law enforcement computer programs

00:48:33                   Crime scene photos reveal changes in MO

00:49:30                   More than one person

00:50:16                   Could he have stopped?

00:54:45                   Power and Possession

00:57:16                   Can you get killing out of your system?

00:58:46                   Using personal experiences as a guide

00:59:33                   Keeping souvenirs

01:01:33                   Disposal of evidence

01:02:45                   How does he regard victims?

01:04:45                   One victim was not in the water

01:06:14                   He's a leaner

01:06:25                   He's organized

01:06:34                   Hybrid organized/disorganized

01:07:55                   Knowing how to quit or control

01:09:00                   Is he following the technique of another?

01:10:24       Other ongoing killings

01:10:24                   Los Angeles series, Oakland series

01:11:26                   Two NW series

01:12:02                   Tampa series

01:12:27                   Something about Pacific NW?

01:12:44                   Is there more than one SK in Pacific NW?

01:13:25                   N California series

01:13:30                   Vancover series

01:14:48       Media linking crimes before officials

01:15:19       Publicity has contagious effect

01:15:50       Causes of serial killing

01:15:50                   "Constellation of influences"

01:17:21                   Movies and Magazines

01:18:46                   Development is gradual

01:21:34                   Selecting a first victim

01:23:38       Sharpening your perceptions

01:24:33       Discussion of profiling

01:26:36       Interview Logistics

01:26:36                   Haven't gotten to all questions

01:27:03                   Voluntary Consent Form offered

01:27:20                   Silence while Bundy reads form

01:27:49       Recorder is turned off then on

01:27:50       It’s 10:55 and Bundy has a call from his attorney

01:28:25       Bundy is not comfortable with singing anything

01:28:35       Execution order is signed

01:28:44       They can't spend all day interviewing

01:30:12       About having an open mind

01:31:16       FBI receives 400-500 cases a year

01:31:44       About “why we are here”

01:32:00       Bundy on “flakey stuff” being done in the area of serial murder

01:32:25       Tape ends