Eleanore Rose

Denise NaslunudEleanore Rose was devastated by the murder of her daughter, Denise. When Bundy took Denise's life, he destroyed Eleanore's life as well. She suffered from depression compounded by physical ailments. She kept her daughter's bedroom the way Denise had left it. Eleanore dedicated her life to her memories of her daughter and their life together and to Bundy, seeking answers and hoping for his death.


Eleanore would haunt Bundy for years wanting to know about Denise’s last moments and why he had taken her. Bundy never responded. Years after the execution, she continued her quest even exchanging letters with Bundy's best friend in prison, Bobby Lewis.

Regarding the survey of known and suspected Bundy victims' families, a January 19, 1989 Seattle P-I article, "Bundy Offer: Let Me Live a While and I'll Talk" by Steve Militech reported:

"Relatives of at least two Seattle area women [Healy and Ott] believed to be among Bundy's victims said that as far as they're concerned, Florida can go ahead and pull the switch. But the mother of another Seattle victim said she would favor a short delay if it meant the truth would come out.

"... [detail about Healy and Ott]"

"Eleanor Rose, the mother of another presumed Bundy victim, said she would favor a short delay in the execution if he is willing to provide conclusive information. Rose, who still keeps her daughter's room much as the young woman left it, has been haunted for years by the killing.

"I would like him to confess, said Rose, whose daughter, Denise Naslund, disappeared from Lake Sammamish State Park the same day as Ott."



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Posted on February 6, 1989 at 12:00pm Edt